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Obamacare Begins To Hit Home

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English: United States Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The train wreck of Obamacare continues to roll right toward us. When Congress convenes again on September 9th, the rest of the year’s business will hinge on this issue alone. As the rubber starts to meet the road, many — increasingly, the young, healthy Obama fans who will pay new thousands of dollars in premiums next year to subsidize the unhealthy, and unionists, whose representatives recently sent a letter to Senate Democratic leaders pulling their support — are beginning to see the light of this locomotive. Congress doesn’t even want it — at least not for themselves. The truth is coming out. But will we allow it to set us free? Below is an excerpt of an article published by World magazine:

“Ohio government officials announced Thursday they expect individual residents would see a 41 percent increase in their premiums when they start buying health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges next year. Premiums will cost $332.58 a month on average in 2014, after costing $236.29 in 2013. On the same day Ohioans learned of their rate hikes, Daniel Werfel, the acting chief of the Internal Revenue Service, told lawmakers on Capitol Hill he would prefer to keep his current policy and not go on Obamacare. That follows a form letter sent by the National Treasury Employee’s Union to its members, which includes IRS workers, asking them to sign and send to their lawmakers. The letter demands they be exempt from Obamacare’s insurance exchanges.”

This from the head of an agency that, under Obamacare, is now training thousands of new agents and other employees to monitor and enforce individual and corporate compliance with Obamacare’s mandates.

And why not? Even though Obama said in his first campaign that he would not raise taxes on the middle class, the Supreme Court last year upheld the individual mandate in Obamacare, explicitly labeling it a constitutional tax levied by Congress and signed into law by the President. As a tax, then, who better to enforce compliance than IRS agents? So when you get the bill, or the letter, or they come knocking on your door, just remember: almost all of you, American voters, asked for it, either by your support of Obama or your support of a business-as-usual political establishment that pitted against Obama a straw man whose own policies as Governor of Massachusetts made him fodder for his opponent, and who was complicit in burying in the political process the only choice for real freedom in that election. And never mind the millions who sat home watching non-reality shows while reality was crashing around them. Not a peep from the likes of you, no matter how bad it hurts.

Americans, you have been fondled again. My guess is it’s all you’re used to, and that’s why you allow it.

“That’s just how it is.”

“We don’t want to waste our votes.”

“We have to work within the system.”

Silly little girl. It is the system that is working you, every time, using your heroes. Those old men (and women) in the stadium boxes are all in collusion to make you think that the action on the field is authentic. But the players are bought, and the game is a dance, not a bout. It’s professional wrestling in a suit and tie. But behind the square jaw, the MBA, and the law degree, Uncle Sam is turning out to be just another dirty old man.

If Don Henley weren’t so on it, I wouldn’t keep quoting him. In “Workin’ It”, he sings:

“… the barons in the balcony are laughing and pointing to the pit. They say, ‘Aw look, they’ve grown accustomed to the smell, now people love that shit! We’re workin’ it.'”

How long, America, will you be molested? How long will you be raped and conclude, “Well, he was going to do it anyway?”

If you wake up, will any of your honor be left to save? I doubt it. Instead, you’ll continue to cry out for your molester to save you, reinforcing the definition of insanity. You’ve been deluding yourself for at least 100 years now. With your country, you sell your soul and then ask, “Why me?”

Because deep down, despite your occasional obligatory protests, you really wanted it. That’s why.

Mmp. Don’t……….Stop. Don’t………Stop. Don’t……..Stop. Don’t…….Stop. Don’t……Stop. Don’t…..Stop. Don’t….Stop. Don’t…Stop. Don’t. Stop. Don’t. Stop! Don’t! Stop! Don’t stop! Don’tstop! Dontstop DOntstop DONtstop DONTstop DONTStopDONTSTopDONTSTOpDONTSTOPDONTSTOPDONTSTOP…

Well, you got your wish. Open your arms wide. Here it comes.

“If you like your virginity, you can keep it.”

“If you want to stay with your current partner, you can.”

Just like he promised.

“America, you’re so beautiful! Just relax and go with it. Of course, I love you. And it won’t hurt.”






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